Would you say Texas A&M University (College Station) is considered a prestigious school?

By | December 7, 2015

I will be attending Texas A&M (College Station, TX) next year. I have heard both sides of the argument about Texas A&M’s prestige. Is it what you would call a prestigious school? I understand, its neither an Ivy or MIT but would people either within Texas or outside of Texas think of it as a bigger deal than most universities? I will be attending May’s business school at TAMU with a major in finance if it helps.

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6 thoughts on “Would you say Texas A&M University (College Station) is considered a prestigious school?

  1. Kellie

    I don’t think it’s prestigious for its academics.

  2. mjj092000

    It is a far bigger deal in Texas than outside of Texas. Trust me, I lived and went to college in the North East, then moved to Texas to go to grad school. Texas A&M is pretty well known across the country, but it by no means is considered a prestigious school.

    It is a good school, but it does not carry that WOW factor outside of the state.

  3. Suddenly Human

    A few months after you land that first “real’ job out of college your boss wont remember where you got your degree from, only if you are doing your job well.

    Graduate from the school you can attend with the least amount of student loans. Employers don’t give you a higher salary because of prestige.

  4. rlbjr22

    It’s rating as “prestigious” depends on where you live in this country. Those “in-the-know” realize A&M is one of the finest universities anywhere, but, regional prejudices keep many people ignorant to this fact, but, you just can’t account for a lot of people’s “thinking”, or so they call it. My stepson is an A&M graduate, and even though my family is Longhorn born-and-bred, I must admit that I have had respect for A&M for decades, moreso after coming to know my stepson, now age 38, and a 1994 A&M graduate. You go on to A&M and be very proud of your accomplishment of being accepted there, and graduating from there. For those who don’t recognize A&M’s greatness, well, you just can’t account for their “thinking”. God Bless you.

  5. Jessica

    Congrats on your acceptance to A&M!
    Texas A&M is regarded as prestigious in Texas, but to a lesser degree outside of Texas. However, the engineering dept. and veterinary school here are top-notch and are prestigious everywhere.

    I’m not a business major, but I’ve heard from other students that Mays is an excellent business school and that all of their programs are great.

    Best of luck to you in your freshman year and God bless!!

  6. Belle <3

    omg im juealous i want to play softball there,,, i just hope i can get my grades good enough to get in!

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