Would I be able to get into UC Berkeley?

By | December 9, 2015

I have a GPA of 4.6 and my projected score on the SAT is around 1900-2200. I am in the IB program as well. I don’t have much extra-curricular activities, but have done a lot of community service. Also, I am not a California resident… Would I have a good chance at getting into Berkeley?

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  1. [email protected]

    sounds like a pretty good shot. try and get in some xtra curriculars while you still can. They look at non state residents with a lot of scrutiny, because they want well rounded students that can make them look good at their school. If you aren’t one of the absolute best applicants, they will choose the ones who are more well rounded.
    but in all, you sound like an amazing student! good luck!!

  2. Leroy

    wow, 4.6? I thought GPA’s stops at 4.0, but I could be wrong. Your numbers seem very outstanding, and you should be able to get into any ivy league school with those scores, so yeah, I think you have a good shot! Good luck!

  3. Joe C

    Projected SAT scores?? Did you get that number from PSATs or something? Anyway, if you do poorly on the SATs, but have such a high GPA, your course of study (school, not classes) could be questioned for difficulty…Also, is that a 4.6 on a 4.0 scale? (What year are you, because if you’re a junior I would love to know how you’ve accumulated a 4.6)

  4. My Nickname I don't know!!!

    You certainly have a very impressive GPA, I am assuming that it is 4.6 out of 5.0. The IB program is rated very highly by most colleges and should give you the upper hand. The “Creativity, Action, Service” component of the IB should have required you to perform plenty of extra-curricular activities. Assuming you have satisfactorily completed all the components of the IB-DP and attain a score of above 40, and get at least 2000 on the SAT, you should have at least a 85-90% chance of getting in.

    10% of Berkeley’s students are from out-of-state, so there is some competition for out-of-state students, but you just have to hope you stack up favorably.

    Good luck.

  5. buffbby

    berkeley’s tough but it sounds like you have what it takes, make sure you’re ready for your sat as well, and if those scores are based on your psat then make sure you apply for national merit. Berkeley is fairly activist so starting something like a non-prof would look dynamite, and help pad the extra curricular resume. also remember if you don’t get in there, there are a ton of other kick ass school’s you’ll be beyond eligible for (i graduated ib too, its the best thing you can do in high school) good luck!

  6. Ann

    I took the SAT once, and I didn’t even send my SAT scores to UCB. I just wrote the scores on the UC application. These are the reasons I think I got in.

    1. I took 2 AP classes (but only passed the AP English one)
    2. I have over 20 college credits already done.
    3. I’ve done a good amount of volunteer work.
    4. I’ve had an interesting life story
    5. I’m half Asian.

    This is an overview of my transcript:

    Unweighted GPA: 3.93
    Weighted GPA: 4.04

    SAT SCORE: 1800
    SATII-Literature: 550
    SATII- US History: 490
    SATII-Chemistry: 540

    I have also volunteered for Peer tutoring, the American Cancer society, Computer for Classrooms, and an elementary school. Over the 3.5 years of High School when I applied, I had about 230 hours of volunteer work.

    I was also in the Pottery club, French club, and was a Manager for a Hockey team my freshman year. I was only in these clubs as a member, never a leadership role. I was barely active in any of the clubs, but had attended a few meetings of each (so hardly any effort there).

    I also had a summer/part-time job for the summers after my sophomore and junior year. After the summer job after my junior year, I got a part-time job that lasted through my senior year.

    My school has a cool program that allows a few select (90 or so) seniors to attend a local community college for their entire senior year (which I did and got a good amount of my G.E. done). If your school has nothing like this, then continue with those AP classes!

    My family story was interesting, so writing about it for the UC essays was easy to kind of get a sob story out of. Try to write about an unusual and/or personal hardship (if the prompt calls for it) and connect it to how well you’ve done in school/what you want to do with your life. I wrote about how I was abandoned by my parents when I was 14 and had to be more independent, thus making me a good student, etc.

    I applied for a science major at Berkeley and got into their College of Letters and Sciences. After I applied, they actually asked me for more information (like letters of recommendations, etc) to help my admission. I actually did not send in any of that and still got in!

    The reason I mentioned that being half Asian helped my chances is because according to the http://www.princetonreview.com website, 41% of the student body is Asian.

    I think your chances are pretty good if you keep up the work and do some extra curricular/volunteer work, but consider other schools too! I applied to three UC’s and got into 2 of the 3. I got into UCB and UCDavis, but not UCLA. I was planning to attend a Junior College then transfer to UC Davis until I got into Berkeley.
    Best of Luck!

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