Would getting an engineering technology degree work here? Please help?

By | November 22, 2015

I want to be an audio/recording engineer. I am going to be getting an associates degree from Penn Foster online because of my daughter. The closest thing they offer is the engineering technology degree. Would that work? Thank you in advance!

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3 thoughts on “Would getting an engineering technology degree work here? Please help?

  1. Alex

    If it’s just generic engineering technology, then no. That’s usually focused on things like CAD, which you’ll probably never use in audio engineering. It would need to at least specialize in audio technology.

  2. RoaringMice

    Most employers, in order to consider your degree real, require that it be from a regionally accredited school. Penn Foster isn’t regionally accredited re: granting college degrees. That concerns me.

    Devry offers a ton of degrees online. They don’t have the best rep in the world, *except* in things like engineering technology. And they are regionally accredited. They’re probably more expensive than Penn Foster, but they may be a better choice.

    You really need to check all the traditional, brick and mortar colleges first, see if you can find anything. Ideally, you’d find a community college or state u in your home state that offers the degree in the field you need, as they’ll be both reputable and your least expensive option.

    It’s important that you do your research re: reputation of school and etc., as this isn’t about you – it’s about her future. You’re going to spend a ton of money on this, no matter what. Try not go to into huge debt, and try to see if you can find a decent school. You also want to look into the demand for audio engineers where you live – it does you no good to try for a field that doesn’t exist in your area, if the reality is that you can’t move.

    I’m no pro in audio engineering, but I don’t think that engineering tech is a fit. I think it needs to be something more specific to sound design/sound engineering/audio engineering.

    Full Sail U probably offers this program online, but they aren’t regionally accredited, and they are expensive. They have a mixed reputation.

  3. PE2008

    Would not work.
    Penn Foster is not regionally accredited.
    Penn Foster’s Engineering Technology degrees are not ABET or ATMAE accredited.

    You need to rethink this idea of becoming a “Recording Engineer”. It’s one of those romantic but totally impractical ideas. Many worthless, for profit school offer Recording Engineer” courses, but they’re almost all bogus, and very few graduates ever establish a career in recording.

    If you want to be a “recording engineer,” you need a legitimate four year Bachelor’s degree in Audio Engineering Technology. Two good one are offered by Belmont University (Nashville) and University of Hartford. Neither is available online.

    If you want a decent online degree in Electronics Engineering technology for other career possibilities, three decent colleges are:
    Excelsior College
    DeVry U
    Grantham U (not ABET accredited, but fairly good)

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