Would an undergrad degree in Biomedical Engineering or Chemical Engineering be better for Pharmacy school?

By | August 8, 2015

I’m still in high school, so I have awhile to decide what to do. I want to get an undergrad degree in engineering, but my ultimate goal is to be a Pharmacist. Would Biomedical or Chemical Engineering be better for acceptance into Pharmacy school/understanding of material?

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One thought on “Would an undergrad degree in Biomedical Engineering or Chemical Engineering be better for Pharmacy school?

  1. Ursus Particularies

    If you can do biomedical or chemical engineering you would be quite underutilized and likely bored as well as dissatisfied being a pharmacist.

    But yes, any such degrees would certainly qualify you, likely far exceeding prerequisites.

    And you could do EXCITING R&D work in engineering and very likely earn twice as much as pharmacist in early years let alone later.

    You need an Academic High School Diploma with good science and math grades plus well developed computer s a v v y to get into an engineer program. A big plus, and highly recommended, is to take community college math course every summer, or do Udacity (search) or bone up online with math as much as you can.

    You do NOT need high math skills for Pharmacy, but undoubtedly a few of them may be sharp at advanced math.

    Better to decide in more detail after you are actually taking college level courses and further discovering your talents, your feasible skill development areas, and, above all, your real preferences.

    Pharmacists spend a lot of the day counting pills, doing inventory of pharmaceuticals, typing, record keeping, and not much brain work solving engineering problems…

    As to brain use, if Pharmacist is a 10, engineer is a 25 for brain use, and the ones you picked may often be a 30 meaning at least three times harder brain work than pharmacist, though it could go higher.

    And getting to that engineering point will be far more work !!! than Pharmacy school which ought to be a breeze by comparison.

    I think some people would substitute a 35 for my 25 and and say some engineering work is a 60 to 75, compared to 10 for pharmacist too.

    But engineering is a vast field and biomedical involves electronics, digital electronics.

    If high school seems too easy, work your butt off doing all the hardest stuff at chapter ends anyway, because that will get you ready.

    There should be better high schools for engineering candidates.

    If you are not a math ace it may be possible you’re dreaming a bit, unless you can correct that in short order by working harder.

    You CAN be a pharmacist, just check out “Your State + Pharmacist Degree Programs” and LOOK at the prerequisites. Take the shortest distance to goal so you can start paying back student loans, and think about teaching (which reduces them tremendously) if you are a s a v v y Teacher (meaning you understand all well enough to explain in crystal clarity three different ways for your varied students).

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