Will the army pay for online courses while on active duty? without using GI BILL?

By | September 24, 2015

I am currently serving and I really need to take online college courses. The college has called and said that the army would help but not pay in full so I was curious if anyone WITH
EXPERIENCE would know more information or if I could ask someone on base that would know.

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2 thoughts on “Will the army pay for online courses while on active duty? without using GI BILL?

  1. tboznchilli

    yes. you can get tuition assistance and its free.

  2. jsthere

    The answer is YES. The army has several colleges they work with that provide online as well as on base college courses all over the world. Me and my husband both were in the Army and recieved tuition assistance through the Army and did not even need to use our GI Bill until we got out. The Army even has a special program called eArmyU (E-Army-U). It allows you to take college classes online through this program and they will even give you a FREE laptop and printer. All you have to do is complete 12 college credit hours within 2 years and the laptop is yours to keep…if you do not complete the requirement you have to pay for the computer.
    I recomment Central Texas College (CTC). They are very familiar with the Army and the earmyu program. They have several degrees that you can complete fully online and they have an office at almost every army base in the world….
    If you are already in the army then you should contact the education center because your commander has to sign a form to get the tuition assistance approved…they will also have all the answers you need…..Good luck

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