Will I transfer to another school?

By | August 30, 2015

I flunked two major exams in two major subjects today.
I am an industrial design student.
Majority of our class didn’t pass those 2 exams and we felt bad.
i have another option: to work in a call center company, get an online design course and invest my time on it. It’s advantageous in a way that i can finish the four year course in 2 years.
On the other hand, if i’ll stay, i’ll be taking up summer classes on those 2 subjects.
Some advice?

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One thought on “Will I transfer to another school?

  1. Maggie

    Don’t freak until you actually find out whether you did or did not pass, you never know what a professor will do as far as curving, retaking, or correcting answers for points back, especially if it is as you said and the majority of the class didn’t do well.

    Long term there are studies out there that say people who get a degree make more money over the course of their lifetime and are more stable job wise in general. I personally think that online universities and degrees don’t have as much weight and validity in the market and real world as a university and school degree would but that’s more my opinion, and that may vary depending on the degree you want. I would give summer school if affordable a chance before you jump ship so quickly.

    Know that you call center job would just be a job not likely to have a ton of growth or really get you anywhere long term.

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