will i be able to attend college?

By | November 19, 2015

So ill be 17 next month and I’m home schooled. I’m a senior as off August 27th but last year i took extra classes and also courses during the summer now this year when school starts back up i only have to go to school for one semester and ill be done with school by November/ December 2010. i will have all my credits completed and yes i am getting a diploma the only thing is, is i don’t think i will be able to have my diploma in hand until June of 2011 even if i ask for a special request to have it early. i have applied to attend and online college right now but will i actually be able to attend? i was told i could but i’m not sure and every place i have attended i have told them this exact situation and by the way i am a straight A-B student with a 3.75 GPA. will i be excepted?
i do home schooling through ECOT they send me everything, it all goes through them so thanks for the printer thing but i’ve never even heard of that. that’s not the kind of home schooling i do.
and also im not doing the online classes and then trying to transfer thats not a problem im worried about either. and its only for one thing and not exspensive at all. and its through Harrison online college. its just something little until i’m ready to go to Akron U. and its completely accredited

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3 thoughts on “will i be able to attend college?

  1. skeletor

    to add to jack smack’s smack talk:

    you will be expected to spell accepted as accepted, not excepted, or you will be excepted from acceptance.

    you have time to figure it out.

  2. just not that

    It sounds like they are signing up for “Concurrent Enrollment” classes for the fall, before your high school graduation date? Correct? These are college classes you take while you are still enrolled in high school that will count for college classes. You can’t get financial aid to pay for concurrent enrollment classes.

    Anyway, students who graduate from high school get their final transcripts a month or so after graduating. I don’t see why you wouldn’t be any different. The college could care less about your “diploma”.. they want your transcripts and your ACT or SAT scores. (Don’t forget to take it!!!) If for some reason you can’t get your home schooled transcripts by the time to enroll for the spring semester (Jan), then you obviously need to find a better printer.

    (This is how the home schools in my state declare their own graduation date. Hit the PRINT button on their home computer and then put a little gold seal on the “YOU HAVE GRADUATED” form they just created. LOL) Sorry, anyway, you need to find out why you can’t get a transcript ready in time for you to start college. If they can’t meet your needs, then it would be better for you to simply take your GED test NOW and get on with your life.

    Do your fafsa application at http://fafsa.ed.gov (applying for fin aid) NOW so you will be ready to start (and have the ability to pay) for college when you graduate in December.

    All online schools are a rip off. They cost a fortune, and when their students finally WISE up an realize they are being ripped off, then they figure out none of the classes they took will transfer to a real school. Example: Online colleges cost somewhere in the range of 450 a credit hour. You need 120 hours to earn your degree. (Do the math). State schools cost around 100 a credit hour… again with 120 hours to earn your degree. (Do the math on that one). see how much you are throwing away for classes that won’t even transfer when you have maxed out your financial aid and have to go to the state school anyway?

    Good luck.

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