Why don’t we do online education?

By | August 31, 2015

I’ve read many comments how people get the material actually taught on youtube or other video sites. Why don’t we have online education if it’s effective?

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10 thoughts on “Why don’t we do online education?

  1. iluvGOD

    There is such a thing as online classes in both high school and college :P

    And reported…wrong section.

  2. annie

    we can not it is not a politics question so we are not able to.

  3. u_bin_called

    Years ago, President Bill Clinton said it was his goal to “hook every American classroom to the Internet.”

    The founder and CEO of Wang Computers gave a keynote speech overseas where he strongly opposed the idea.

    Technical education, he said, should never replace the social interaction that comes with “traditional education”…Over-emphasis on the internet, he warned, would create a generation addicted to instant-gratification and superficiality…one that lacked basic social skills and whose only motivation to engage in society would be to broadcast its most immediate needs and feelings…

    Looking back, I would have to say he was right..

  4. Mix Bee

    Some places do that. I hope you don’t mean in order to get rid of schools. Kids learn other things in school, not just academics.

  5. Dark Knight Bizarro

    It’s not effective for some. People get sidetracked really easily and wind up chatting on facebook or myspace. We already have online education for colleges. I tried them, but I just couldn’t stay focused. Surprisingly, I do better sitting in a class room.

  6. S A R A

    We’d all be legally blind by age 10. Textbook, real lectures, and actual interaction is definitely something I’ve valued in school.

    Plus, social development is a large part of school when you’re younger and sitting in solitude on a computer for years isn’t going to meet any standard of social necessities.

  7. Big Dan

    We do ! Univ of Phoenix, Olivette Nazarene, just to name a couple of institutions that offer online schooling, not just for under graduates, but for those seeking a Masters program as well.

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