Why do people bash online degrees/learning?

By | November 20, 2015
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6 thoughts on “Why do people bash online degrees/learning?

  1. Canadian Bacon

    They don’t provide the same quality of learning as a normal program, and are thus less respected by employers and just about everyone.

  2. Sean

    They are not the same as a “go to a real college and stay in a dorm” University degree.

  3. Ggggbbb

    good question :)
    i think it’s because it’s too EASY. Not much different from *reading* a self-help book or something.

  4. EMW

    Very often, the credits for courses taken at online universities will not transfer to a “brick and mortar” school, and the certificates or degrees earned there are not accepted at most graduate or professional programs. For instance, one could earn a law degree at the University of Southern California Online School of Law, but the Texas State Bar Association will not allow that graduate to sit for the bar exam.

  5. kalie_anne_marie

    People think you don’t learn as much and get the same learning experience as going to get a degree. They feel like you have to actually expeirience it to learn it.

  6. alex

    I’m taking an online class right now. It’s from an accredited school but it’s not nearly the quality of education of my other classes. I can’t ask my teacher a question except through email, and sometimes it’s a week before I get a response so sometimes I feel like I’m learning on my own. That’s ok for some people but if someone is really clueless about what they’re studying that’s bad. Also you don’t get any of the hands on experience you would in college. At a university you get to improve your social skills by interacting with other students, you participate in labs in your science classes, in group projects, many people are involved in undergraduate research. And other things the college can help you get involved in like internships and programs outside the school. There’s just a lot more opportunity at a university. I would do an online program for a specific period of time if I confined to my bed or something, or if I had already done a lot of years of school and wanted to get a specific concentration in something, but not for all of my schooling.

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