Why are cons now into online education?

By | November 28, 2015

I thought you said you needed social skills. Guess I was wrong.
And no message boards do not qualify as social skills.
Apparently online education prepares you for the real world better than brick and mortar. Who woulda thunk? I guess virtual cybersex is better than the real thing too.
Who knows maybe online chemistry actually can be taught with virtual molecules and such?

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11 thoughts on “Why are cons now into online education?

  1. Aspiring Cat Lady

    It’s cheaper and they think being at a university ‘skews’ your beliefs toward the liberal.

  2. jeremy

    I thought you said you would…oh never mind, too ridiculous to even mock.

  3. Constitution Hawk

    Online education is the wave of the future and very beneficial for working people. Obviously liberals would know nothing about that, but regardless, we conservatives don’t go to school to socialize. We like to get better use of the money that we pay for school.

  4. RetiredSarge

    You can get your degree without submerging yourself in the liberal nonsense we know as universities.

  5. ed e

    Now that they’ve gotten computers and realize the Internet isn’t a threat, it’s a great way for them to finally get education without leaving home!

  6. Average College Moron

    Because they want to go to school like me

  7. Big One 0909

    No, we are into SELLING online education to liberals.

    We learned it in business school, where we had to get out of our bathrobes and leave the house.

  8. Spinning On That Dizzy Edge

    @CrotchItchBites: Of course not. Do you know where you are?

  9. serenaz

    It’s ‘homeschooling’ for the 21st century … !

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