Who believes in online education?

By | September 4, 2015
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4 thoughts on “Who believes in online education?

  1. Mia

    I do! I have a childhood friend who got her degree completely online and I am taking my first full online course this coming semester. I decided to just jump in and do it since I had a taste of it this past semester and loved the ability to do things in my own time and learn on my own.

  2. Lindsey C

    I do!! It’s the best thing out there! It’s very convenient.

  3. John Simons

    I do!!! I’m doing online tutoring and I have several student from all over! Do you know pages that gather online tutors? I only know those who request for registering fees… J.

  4. John Lajt

    I dont know, it’s a very new method of learning, or not? I prefer learning live.(at my teacher)

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