Which traditional Universities have the best online Master’s programs?

By | October 13, 2015

Looking to get my Master’s, but would like to do it with distance learning from a traditional school, not somewhere like U of Phoenix and the like. Suggestions? Probably public administration, nonprofit management, corporate communications, etc.

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3 thoughts on “Which traditional Universities have the best online Master’s programs?

  1. sictransitnihil67

    I hear the University of Liverpool’s online MBA is very well regarded.

  2. Tabrege W

    I am currently doing my Master’s at Grand Canyon University the recruiters were excellent in contacting and following up on me during my orientation and getting adjusted to online courses. They are a traditional campus offering bachelors and masters programs. They were also ranked in the top 5 for online colleges as well.


  3. john alasdair

    This could help:

    In general – Master’s in what? Some universities offer online master’s programme (even Harvard, see here):

    You can also try here, adding the name of your subject to the search terms:

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