Which online high school should i choose?

By | November 9, 2015

I have done a moderate amount of research into this and yes i am certain i want to attend an online school rather than my public school. I am a great student and always attain honor roll ( 90% GPA in my school) or distinguished honor roll (95%). I will be going into 10th grade. i know a few things up front; i want to attend an online school which is regionally accredited with the MSA ( i live in PA), and is free of charge ( or very close to it) to attend. In essence i am looking for a free replacement to my current high school, one that is professional and seen well in the eyes of colleges. Thanks in advance, i believe this to be a difficult question to answer.

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3 thoughts on “Which online high school should i choose?

  1. Nisha K

    There are various good online high schools which provide online tutoring. One such website I am aware is etutorworld.net, which provides complete ONE-ON-ONE tutoring in Math and Science.

    Moreover it will provide you with LIVE sessions and that too at an affordable price.

  2. David

    You can easily compare info about these schools in this site – schools.iblogger.org

  3. Me me

    go to Ashworth College (high school too)
    -If you can’t afford all the cash up front its $40 a month intrest free
    -you get a free class ring with the program
    -$100 off you if you say I referered you :)
    -you can work when ever you want and how long you want
    -you take exams and stuff online
    -if you want you can work threw the summer and graduate early!
    - Depending on how many classes you finished in high school they will tranfer them and you wont have to re-do them!!!!! You can finish in like 6 months!!!!!-
    -You can enroll 2maro with only $15 ………
    - Anyone from any state can join and its NOT a scam it is accredited by SACS CAS which is nationaly and regionally accredited (which is great) …..


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