Which is the quickest way to get an RN – BSN degree if I already have a BS in another major?

By | August 21, 2015

Which is the quickest way to get an RN – BSN degree if I already have a BS in another major? I’ve already graduated from a University with a BS but in a different major. I wanted to go back to take up RN, however the universities here won’t allow a second bachelor’s in nursing since it’s an impacted major. In otherwords, I’d have to retake all the GEs again if I wanted another bachelors instead of just transferring over all the GEs I’ve already taken.

I was thinking of getting it at a community college, but with all the community colleges around here, their waitlist for classes are all long. I’ve been trying to get into some nursing classes for a year, but have only been able to take 1. I was looking into technical colleges, but all they offer are LVN degrees.

Should I just take an LVN at a technical school and then transfer to get a BSN somewhere? Would I be able to transfer the courses from the technical schools into regular universities or online universities to get my BSN? I live in the Los Angeles/Orange County area. Thanks!

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  1. Juanaquena

    For clarification: You don’t state if the BS degree you earned was a BS in health sciences. Also, you don’t state if your BS was earned at a college or univ. in the Los Angeles/Orange County area.

    If you earned your BS at a college/univ. in the area where you live and IF that school also offers an RN program, it may be easier to apply to that school for the RN program. It is highly likely that the school where you earned your BS will accept all your prior credits. Of course, all of the courses required for the RN degree will need to be taken. Talking with an admissions counselor at the college will help you sort it all out.

    If you earned your BS from a college/univ. at a distance, then you are facing some of the issues you discribe in you question. Requirements for the BSN or RN are continuously being revised to meet state licensing requirements.

    Since you did not list all the colleges/universities you contacted regarding earning an RN or BSN in the area where you live, I hesitate to suggest some schools to contact since you may have already done that work and found disappointing info. I would not recommend your working toward an LVN.
    If you have just contacted state supported colleges/universities and technical colleges, you may find a more supportive situation if you investigate some smaller, private/independent colleges/universities that offer the RN or BSN in your area.

    If you have shied away from private/independent colleges in your area because of what you consider high tuition costs, don’t let them scare you. Often the private/independent colleges have excellent endowment funds that are available to accepted students for financial aid/scholarships/grants. You will need to speak with campus financial aid counselors about any college-specific scholarships.

    To help you find private/independent colleges/universities in your area that offer the RN or BSN, you may wish to use the database provided by the College Board (the organization that publishes the College Blue Book series, and oversees the SATs, among other things.) It is well-organized, un-biased, and you don’t end up getting a lot of spam after using it:
    Click on the For Students link.
    On the next page click on the Find A College link.
    On the next page, in the left sidebar, click on the College Search Matchmaker link.
    Fill out the multi-page online questionnaire to get the results that should fit your inquiry.

    Best wishes

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