which degree is better?

By | August 16, 2015

say i only have those two choices, which one you think is better?

Bachelor degree in Business Information System from Western Governors University (an online university)


Major: Psychology
Minor: General Business
Minor: Computing
from a local University

which one you think is better?

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5 thoughts on “which degree is better?

  1. Lexi P

    Most employers look at ‘actual’ live universities better than online universities.

  2. bob

    oh….not crazy about either one of those (then again its your career interest in mind, not mine)…even though it sounds like more work, I’d probably go with the latter out of the two (maybe dropping one of those minors or changing one of the minors to a major?)…..I agree with the person above me that you’re probably more likely to get a job from an “actual” university than an online one. Maybe not though, I’m by no means an expert. Ultimately its up to you anyway. You’ll likely never know which one was the better choice, most life changing (or building) decisions have to be made with out knowledge afterword of which was the better

  3. cwald888

    This all depends on what your future employer thinks about these. From a demand point of view you’ll probably find there are more possibilities available with the Business Information System degree than a Psychology major. Typically 4yr Psychology degrees won’t get you very far, at least in that field. In most states you’ll need a Masters degree to be able to really work in that field and be professionally licensed to practice.

    Probably a more important question is which of these areas do you have the most passion for? Do that one and brain storm what types of positions you could apply for in that area. You will have success easier if you are doing your passion. Wishing you the greatest luck and success for your life.

  4. richards150

    psychology degree definitely. A business degree will help but not very generalized.

  5. Furball

    go to the local school. online school degree’s are a dime-a-dozen (anyone can get them) and you will not be able to get a decent job with them.

    this is a potential interview: “hello mr. employer, i just got my degree from the university of phoenix. wait what, you’ve interviewed 10 other people who have my same degree today? and you are going to hire the guy who went to ucla? oh shucks, back to working at blockbuster for me!”

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