Which associate degree is better?

By | October 23, 2015

An associate for Licensed Pratical Nurse, Dental Hygienist, or Business Management & Marketing? What is it typically like (hours, workdays, job duties) for an lpn or dental hygienist? Whats the average pay? What colleges in arkansas offer those associate degrees… and what colleges are good/cheap and offer something like a program where I can take classes online? Are there any prereqs needed for either of these majors?
oh..I meant RN…I wasnt sure which of the 2 were exactly for an associate…. LPN is only 1 yaer isnt it? sorry.
oops *year
The closest 2 colleges offer a lpn for 1 1/2 yrs of school, 4 yrs for rn….

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One thought on “Which associate degree is better?

  1. Lovely lady

    For the the LPN, go for your associate RN (Register Nuse) degree.

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