Where should I look for a good online Information Technology degree?

By | December 13, 2015

I am looking for a place that offers an Information Technology Bachelors degree online that is good but not horribly expensive. I live in Minnesota but can’t find many local colleges with this degree offered online. The major online places (Phoenix, ITT Tech, etc.) seem rather expensive. Is there an option I’m missing?

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3 thoughts on “Where should I look for a good online Information Technology degree?

  1. college-blogger

    You should definitely consider attending an online college. Although some might say an online degree will be easier to earn, or will not be respected by employers, that is simply not the case.

    Your degree will be identical to the degree conferred upon traditional brick-and-mortar students… and as an online student myself, I can assure you, the programs are every bit as rigorous!

    Dozens of well-known, respected universities ranked in the Top 100 by U.S. News offer online programs (Penn State, Syracuse, Boston U, University of Illinois, and so on). Even Ivy League universities are catching on… Harvard University offers online classes through their Extension School.

    Personally, I would advise against attending any college that is synonymous with online learning. Attend a well-established university that also has a campus program. State schools often have the best tuition rates and people don’t immediately think of online learning when you say you earned your degree at the University of Illinois or UMass.

    Colleges offering online Information Technology programs:

    University of Maryland UC
    New Jersey Institute of Technology
    University of Massachusetts
    St. Joseph’s University
    Colorado Tech
    Westwood College
    Bellevue University
    Saint Leo University
    American Sentinel University
    Kaplan University
    Ashford University
    South University
    Walden University

    I hope that helps!!

  2. Phil

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  3. Francisco Heath


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