Where can I find a (credible) ranking of online MBA programs?

By | October 13, 2015

I am currently applying to business schools and I would like to apply to at least one online program. However, since I run the risk of employers frowning on an online degree, I would like to be sure that the program is both high quality and prestigious (i.e. I’m not going to U. Phoenix). Unfortunately, I cannot find any organization that ranks online programs. Ideally, there is something out there similar to the US News and World Report rankings. Does anyone have any advice?

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2 thoughts on “Where can I find a (credible) ranking of online MBA programs?

  1. Rob B

    I’ve searched and never found a credible online MBA ranking, but I can suggest an alternative. Check out the “Economist Intelligence Unit” website (sister company of the Economist magazine) which offers a worldwide ranking of MBA programs. If you search around you’ll find that several top-tier instituions have online programs (Indiana, Florida, etc.). You’ll also find several pricey executive programs that you may/may not be interested in.

    I would also think about finding a reputable part-time program which provides the opportunity to enhance your personal network (an often underestimated part of an MBA program).

    Good Luck!

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