When applying to the Ontario University Application Centre, what do you put in the Activities section?

By | December 2, 2015

I am applying out of province to Ontario universities, using the online COMPASS system. I am confused as to what types of things to put under the activities section. Would I include committees I’ve served on, festivals I’ve participated in, jobs I’ve had? Let’s say I put 4-H, but I’m involved in several different levels of 4-H (club, provincial, etc…) Would I put 4-H only once?

When applying straight from high school, do I still need to pay the $8.00 transcript fee? If so, how do I? Do I get it sent with my transcript?

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One thought on “When applying to the Ontario University Application Centre, what do you put in the Activities section?

  1. OUAC

    The activities section of the application should consist of any activity in which you have been involved that you would like the institutions to know about. You are instructed in the application to indicate any activities you were involved in when you were not attending school full-time, however there are some schools that are interested in knowing some of the activities you were involved in while in school.

    The “Activities” section is an opportunity to let the universities know a little bit more about yourself. This section would include any school achievements you have accomplished, committees you have served, festivals that you have participated in, jobs, school and community sports, volunteer work, and special interests such as 4-H. You can be as detailed as you would like with your involvement in 4-H. It is an excellent program that is known world-wide. You may wish to include any or all the clubs you have attended as well as any provincial programs (such as the RAWF, Future Leaders in Action, Provincial 4-H Go for the Gold, etc.)

    With regard to your transcript question, you will need to contact your high school directly and ask them to forward an official transcript to all the institutions to which you are applying. Your transcripts must be in a sealed envelope with a stamp or signature across the seal. We suggest that you ask them to put your User ID # or your OUAC Reference number on the envelope or the transcripts. The fee for your transcript requests will depend on your school.
    The $8.00 transcript fee you are referring to is only applicable if you have attended an Ontario university or college.

    Should you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us by phone or email.


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