What was your experience at American Military University?

By | October 6, 2015

Having finally completed my Bachelor’s Degree at a brick-and-mortar, I’m looking for a more flexible and affordable program for my first graduate degree to schedule around work and family and to stretch my remaining GI Bill as far as it will go. On paper (or the website, at least) AMU looks like a great program for a Masters of Arts in Political Science.

However, I’m wary about for-profit universities, especially the entirely online programs. I’ve heard absolutely horrible things about universities like Phoenix or DeVry, that the quality is poor and the degree worthless. Especially given that I intend to pursue further study afterward, I don’t want to spend a couple years getting a worthless diploma.

What was your experience at AMU? Did you actually learn the material? Was it challenging and worthwhile? Most importantly, if you’ve completed your degree at AMU, how has it been regarded in the job market, especially in the public sector and academia?

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3 thoughts on “What was your experience at American Military University?

  1. M.J.

    I was wary of it being a for-profit school, but I had an absolutely great experience at AMU. I received my BA in Criminal Justice there in 2009. I had gone to 4 B&M schools, good schools too, and AMU was better than all of them as far as quality of education. I currently have a coworker who received her BS at Columbia University – yes, the Ivy League school – and is now doing a MA in History at AMU, and she loves it. Says she’s surprised at how good the school is especially having matriculated at an Ivy League university.

    Everybody that I know personally that has attended AMU has had a great time. It is regionally accredited, you do your own work (no groups like Phoenix or Devry, trying to work with folks online all over 20 different time zones), and it reputation in both the public, private and government sectors is very good. With my AMU degree, coupled with a strong GRE score, I was just accepted into The George Washington University’s Master of Forensic Science program, so don’t listen to the nay-sayers!

  2. Debi0713

    I am nearly finished with my Masters in American History. It has been very challenging and they are accredited. My school district recongnizes the degree from this University. I have only had one class out of all my classes that I was dissappointed in the instructor so I consider that pretty good.

  3. Lew Taylor

    I am currently working towards a Bachelor’s in History with a concentration in 18th to mid-19th century America. I have been more than satisfied with the courses I have taken at AMU up until this point. Obviously there have been courses that I did not care for either the subject matter or the professor, but that is something that happens in any school

    I would highly recommend AMU to anyone for a Bachelor’s degree. I cannot speak for a Master’s because I have no experience in that area.

    One thing that stands out for me is the cost. I looked at the University of Maryland’s on-line courses and the were $495.00 per semester hour. At AMU/APU the cost is $250.00 per semester hour for undergraduates and $300.00 for graduate students.

    Lew Taylor

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