What University is best for Video Game Designing career?

By | November 14, 2015

I just want to know like is it MIT? University of Pheonix?

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4 thoughts on “What University is best for Video Game Designing career?

  1. JohnnyDepp

    U of phoenix r u serious?? The best school for Video game designing is in europe. Here in america it would be UT (texas)

  2. Emily M

    It is hard to say which is best. I would suggest you go to the college board site and search for colleges that offer a game design major (search with “game” as a keyword under majors.)

    Marist College is one of the more selective colleges that offers a program in game design.

  3. PE2008

    Video Game Design is not considered a serious academic pursuit, so few respectable universities offer the Major. It is usually left to trade schools with mediocre accreditation.

    If you want a real university degree in this general field, get a flexible degree in Computer Engineering Technology, and maybe specialize on the software side.

    Video Game Design is rapidly leaving the USA, because it can be done by very good 3rd world programmers for $3/hour. Don’t waste your time and money on Video Game Design.

    A very good general degree in Computer Technology is offered by San Jose State.

    “The best college finder is http://EduFinder.info

    Wrong. “Edufinder” is a commercial shill for worthless schools. They will contact you.

  4. Gillian

    I would look into Ringling College of Art and Design. It is tops in computer animation, which includes video game design, as well as cartooning. They have a specific Game Art & Design major, which is specifically geared towards people who want to create video games.

    Marist also has a program, but I live very close to Marist and I haven’t heard anything about their game design program.

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