What should I do? My life and the options I have.?

By | August 14, 2015

Ok, let me just say this.

As of right now my plan is to go to the Navy as an IT. Well this plan is all good I have a few Issues holding me back.

Firstly, is my weight. My current Body fat % is 35 and I need to be 21%~24% in order to join the Navy. No, problem right? I will just work out and eat right and I will loose the weight right? Well, correct. Sort of… See I live with my grandfather in the middle of nowhere. I have lived here for about 2 1/2 months and when I first moved here my plan wasnt to go to the Navy. It was to get a job up here and survive. Well, sure enough when you are in the middle nowhere work is very hard to find. VERY Hard to find. I looked everyday for about a month and a half.

Then the option of the Navy came up. Well it all sounded so great, I have no were to go. I have been homless, twice. And the Navy is pretty much my last resort. Since I never finished school because I started working full time in another city when I lived down south I didn’t have time to do any type of schooling.

One of the requirements for the Navy is to have your High school Diploma or have a GED and 15 college credits. Well since I didn’t have a Diploma I took my GED, and passed. Well now I just have to get my 15 college credits. Simple right? No. See there is only 1 college near me, and its 3 hours away from were I live, and oh… Its full. I cannot enroll.

So crap…. I researched online schools and I finally came across a online college, University of Phoenix. With a degree in IT, i will be able to get a better job in the Navy. I applied for a grant, and I am still awaiting word on whether I get it or not. Oh yeah and the school will cost me 16k for 2 years. Which wont be a problem once I get into the navy. Well, I signed up for the school and everything seems ok. Well my schooling is going fine, and then I find out that my grandpa wants me to loose the weight and get the credits by July… Wow… ok…

So basically I need to do 1 year of college in 2 months and I need to loose 10% body fat in 2 months as well. And he even told me himself that if I dont get it done by that time that I will live in a homeless shelter. (thanks for the inspiration right?)

Well I bust my ass everyday now. I dont want to be homeless, but my weight is really dragging me down. 10% body fat for me is about 40-50 pounds I need to loose. I am a very tall guy, i am 6’8 and I am heavy boned and heavy fat. I have a big build even if I was thin. Well now that worries me because I am working my ass off everyday at the gym, I run 4 miles a day. I am trying to do everything I can to loose this weight. And Its just not going away as fast as I need it to. I have lost 13 pounds, but its taken me 1 month. I need to loose it way faster.

Then I started thinking if I dont loose the weight that going to the school for the IT degree would be pointless, because I will be homeless.

So I am not sure what to do right now.

I bassicly need to complete 1 year of college in 2 months and loose ~50ish pounds in 2 months.

It seems impossible so I have pretty much have given up hope. And Just preparing to be homeless.

I can’t go live with any family because they are all to poor to help me. And I have no idea were my old friends are or anything. I will basically be out on my own in the streets If I do not meet this goal.

Theres a lot more to this story then what I have typed. But it goes a bit more personal and I dont wish to share it on the internet.

Does anyone have any advice? Or am I just doomed to live on the streets.

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6 thoughts on “What should I do? My life and the options I have.?

  1. Wendle L

    you should start a blog.. tell stories the live long day and produce nothing of real value

  2. Kirsten

    Well for the weight thing my friend went on an oatmeal diet he lost like over a 100lbs to get into the air force and he did it pretty quickly. Just plain oatmeal not the sugary crap. Like i said didn’t take him long and he ran everyday. If you do that you should lose weight in time. Also no sodas or tea just water really.

  3. army31D

    try talking to a recruiter on line. maybe they can figure out a way to help get you in. See if the Army might have some better/ easier way to enlist you.

  4. goodlife4545

    15 hours should only be one semester and watch what you eat because that play a big role in losing weight. I believe it 3500 calories for 1 pound so you will have to lose 3500 more calories then what you eat. You said you got to July so you got 15week left which should be plenty of enough time to lose that weight

  5. Martin M

    University of Phoenix may be accredited but it is still considered a joke school and no one will take a degree from there seriously.

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