What real colleges offer online degrees?

By | August 16, 2015

I’m looking for a real university, rather than the school certified as one of those online. I really want to be a Web developer in his graduating class, but in time, my program needs to connect network. I know that many schools in New England and across the country offer online degrees in. . . I just do not know who. Please help? Thanks

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One thought on “What real colleges offer online degrees?

  1. CoachT

    According to a study by the US Dept. of Education this year, 80% of all colleges in the US teach online.

    The highest percentage is public community colleges with public universities next. Elite private colleges are the least likely.

    That pretty much means; pick a college, they probably teach online. Harvard, Oxford, UC-Berkeley, Berklee Music, Cornell, etc… all teach online now. (some of the lowest level bottom feeders are online too)

    “Web Development” is not usually a bachelor’s degree major at the schools you’re referring to. That’s one of those majors that the for-profits (‘as seen on TV”) market heavily but that very few universities devote an entire program to it. It’s pretty easy to find as both a vocational certificate or an associates degree.

    My favorite search tools for online programs are at Peterson’s and at US News.

    * Peterson’s – http://www.petersons.com/distancelearning/code/search.asp
    * US News (distance learning) – http://www.usnews.com/sections/education/online-education/index.html

    Note: If you don’t have time to do the work in the classroom, you don’t have time to do it online. Legit online programs often require more time than do classroom programs – you just don’t have to go to a campus. The online advantage is in location and timing; you can do online work from anywhere at any time. But it still requires a significant number of hours per week. Be careful you don’t underestimate the time demands or difficulty of online coursework.

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