What options do I have post college pre-med until I get into Med school?

By | October 24, 2015

I just graduated from college in May with a degree in Biomed. I took my MCAT in August and scored really low 15R. However, I did not really study well and was working at the time. I have been working at a doctor’s office since after my MCAT for cheap, but to at least remain in my field working and also to save up to take an MCAT prep course. I still do not have enough money to take the course and I am trying to look at possible options. I am really not interested in doing a post-bacc program, but I am interested in posibly working on an MBA online in the meantime. I am not sure if this is a smart move or not. I also have plenty of research experience, working in my school as a lab assistant for four years and then during the summers of school. Eventually, I want to do an MD/PhD program, but I am stuck until I can bring up my MCAT score. My GPA is a 3.49. Is this a smart move to earn an MBA while out? What should I do concerning the MCAT? Any advice is greatly appreciated!!!!

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3 thoughts on “What options do I have post college pre-med until I get into Med school?

  1. PE2008

    Give it up. You would have to double your MCAT score to have a chance.

    What do you mean “Biomed”? What degree is that? You should have chosen a degree with good fallback career prospects in case you didn’t make it to Medical School.

    Don’t start an MBA until after a few years of employment.

  2. Carteret

    I know very little about the path toward obtaining an MD degree, but I do know a lot about the MBA path. I would say, given you situation, that an online MBA is not the best choice for you. These programs are not typically cheap (and the ones that appear to be cheap are actually worthless).

    I do not know whether the other answerer is correct, but IMO, you’d be throwing money away that you could be saving toward the MCAT prep course if you pursued an online MBA.

  3. Emily

    Your GPA isn’t high enough to get into an MD/PhD program – they have stricter standards than a regular MD. If you really want to be competitive for even a normal MD program, you should be doing a post-Bacc program to raise your GPA, otherwise you’re looking at Caribbean Med School anyway.

    Right now, purchase an MCAT study book with several practice tests. Study diligently. Take a practice test once a month for a few months. If you can’t get your MCAT up to at least a 25 without the prep course, Med School is not realistic for you. You will be expected to take a 3 hour final exam every few weeks in Med School – the MCAT is a better predictor if your success on these exams and the USMLE exams than your GPA.

    As far as an MBA – if you can’t do Med School, do a real MBA, not an online one. The most valuable part of any business degree is the network of contacts and references that you develop while you’re there. An online school doesn’t provide any of that.

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