What online colleges offer degrees in Art History?

By | September 11, 2015

I was just wondering if anyone knew of a college that offers a completely online degree for an Art History Major? The degree needs to be a bachelor’s degree and it would be nice it the college offered a Master program, also the college must be an accredited university. Thank for any info you can provide.

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2 thoughts on “What online colleges offer degrees in Art History?

  1. Sophia

    Online colleges are scams, just stay away from them. If you want your degree to be worth anything and be respected by any employer you need to go to a real school. Especially for your Master’s. Online Master’s degrees are the biggest joke ever, just a sad way to separate gullible people from their money.

  2. JessicaN

    You do have options. Many four year brick and mortar colleges and universities offer online bachelor degrees — and beyond!

    Many of these four year brick and mortar colleges with online Bachelor degree (and beyond) programs not only consider you an actual student, where you can use campus amenities like the college library or student rec center, but they do not differentiate between a degree earned online and a degree earned on-campus.

    Also, just in case you want to change things a little down the line, many of these colleges also let you take a combination of online and on-campus classes just in case your circumstances change and your schedule permits.

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