What kinda leagal stuff do I need to start an online buisness?

By | November 29, 2015

I want to sell handmade stuff like crafts etc.. what kind of things do I need fill out b4 I start?

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4 thoughts on “What kinda leagal stuff do I need to start an online buisness?

  1. Ashley A

    you should probably learn how to spell the word ‘legal’ first.

  2. *Cara*

    You can always sell your stuff on ebay. Otherwise you need a business license.

  3. DanceCat Squiggy

    I feel for you because I have the same questions. I’m going to college again this year to finish for my Business Degree and will be required to take some courses on Business Law and I can’t wait. Unfortunately, it will be sometime next year that I get to those courses so I cannot help now.
    I would say, since you are not getting any help at all from these people to talk to a Legal Aid (free lawyer in your area) you can search for legal aid in your area and just pick one or two to talk to about it. You can also take an online course (they are usually pretty cheap around $89 per course for a community college online course) just pick one that mentions it goes over business law.

    AND don’t let anyone tell you crafts are dead or a waste of time. I love making crafts myself and sell pretty well at area flea markets/craft shows. And with the holidays coming many schools are having fairs for such vendors to sell their items. My hopes are to use my flea market makings to save up for a dance studio and I will need much information as far as business law for that. So I’m sorry I couldn’t help further, but try the Small Business Association and your area Chamber of Commerce they will tell you what you need. I think the Small Bus Assoc website is: sba.gov (I think)
    Good Luck

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