what kind of job can i get with a finance degree from an online university?

By | November 5, 2015

i would like to manage accounts at a large investment bank

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4 thoughts on “what kind of job can i get with a finance degree from an online university?

  1. Huntsman

    There are only 2 companies that I trust.
    Be careful with any others (most are non-accredited)
    University of Phoenix and Kaplan University

  2. Tangent

    No investment bank (boutique, middle market, or bulge bracket) will even look at your resume if you have a degree from an online college. Many investment banks won’t even look at your resume unless your degree is from a top school. With a degree in finance from an online school you might be able to become a bank teller or a loan officer, if you get lucky?

  3. shanpal

    All depends on what is your current status professionally and your future Road-map to become Investment banker.

    If you are already employed in a Banking/Financial Institution continue with it, and your online finance degree as an additional qualification will help your career path to go up the ladder.

    If you are seeking a finance job afresh,then it depends on from which University you had obtained the finance degree, to get selected for a finance position.

    Apart from a finance degree you must also acquire comprehensive and in-depth knowledge about your career and build expertise gradually and steadily as it is a long and winding,challenging career path to become a manager in an investment bank.

    Your ambition is perfect,achievement takes little time,go for it.

    Good Luck

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