What is the difference between an Information Technology degree and a software engineer?

By | September 9, 2015

I am going back to school right now and want to eventually get CISSP/ISSEP certified. I’m unsure in which direction to take to achieve this. I’m not really looking to become a programmer but I am willing to. I understand that Information systems security is a great field to get into now into the future. I’m just unsure what the real difference is with an IT degree or software engineer. Thanks for your help.

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One thought on “What is the difference between an Information Technology degree and a software engineer?

  1. Lucy Girl

    probably the best advice you can get is to to with SIGs (Special Interest Groups) in those areas.
    One of the many for software engineer is
    Most large cities will have SIGs in both fields.
    One possible search strategy.
    Many will hold meetings once a month. There might be a membership fee which makes those meetings free or cheap and charge a little extra for non-members. Get there at least 30 mins before it starts to mingle with those established in those fields.
    I knew a bar/restaurant next to a large IT firm. I would show up for a business lunch early to get a seat at the bar. Starting chatting. Found out that Thursday after work a large group from that company would meet there for drinks. I left my car in their company parking lot. Met a lot of people. I kept it easy on the drinks but still took a cab home. They called me in for some interviews which lead to a job. Start networking with people in those fields. There are online networking, some newsgroups that you can probably find through google/yahoo, and might be some special interest groups. Start a special interest group at college. Some may quickly get jobs after college and assist on getting members of the college SIG get a job in the following years. Like frats/sororities do.

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