What is the difference between a CSI agent and a detective?

By | October 10, 2015

Besides the obvious question above, here are some more I have:
1) Is CSI studying more science based?
2) What accredited colleges offer CSI degrees that are NOT online schools?


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4 thoughts on “What is the difference between a CSI agent and a detective?

  1. Citicop

    There is no job like you see on CSI the TV show.

    It is divided into three separate jobs.

    1.) Crime Scene Technicians. These are police officers who arrive at the scene, document it, and collect the evidence. They have to have done all the other “cop things” for a year or two before they can transfer over.

    2.) Forensic Scientists. These are civilians. No badge, no gun. They stay in the lab and run tests on the evidence brought in to them. They usually have at least 4 year degrees in biology, chemistry, or forensic science.

    3.) Detectives. These are the people who put the whole case together. Interviewing witnessed and suspects, making arrests, figuring out what the evidence means, etc. They are again Police Officers who had to do all the patrol stuff well before being promoted or transferred.

    Don’t get a “CSI” degree. If you want to do forensics, major in that (if you can find a real college that offers it) or stick to biology or chemistry.

  2. Les S

    A CSI is a lab technician, not normally a cop although many departments do have sworn officers collecting, not analyzing, evidence mostly because of the danger involved going to active scenes or going back into bad areas for such things as burglaries.
    A scene detective is the one that directs what goes on at the scene. My department that detective is the one assigned to the case and lead in all investigation of that crime. The detective takes all in, decides what leads to follow first and when solved prepares the case for presentation to the prosecutors office.
    1. most CSI work is science based, even the photography. Some more, some less.
    2. no idea but I will say that NONE of our crime lab people, including the PhD’s ever went to a school specifically for a CSI degree. They all had lab experience prior to being hired and once working take lots of specific classes and on going seminars/scientific sessions in the field.
    There are many different aspects to forensic science ranging from anthropology to simple reagent use.

  3. Dont get Infected

    wtf….. a Detective is a Crime Scene Investigator…

    what you see on tv is fake. the detectives dont do the forensics work scientists do and they dont get issued a gun. they do work in a crappy looking lab that does the job.

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