What is the better choice for life sciences, McMaster, Queens, Or U of T and why?

By | December 13, 2015

I’m looking to apply this winter for universities, and after attending a university fair, several universities caught my eye. I was aiming for McMaster, but now I heard that Queens is a very good university too. For University of Toronto, I’m hearing mixed reviews. From one side, I hear it’s amazing and has perhaps the best of all life sciences program. On the other hand, I heard McMaster is better in terms of its programs. A third party says McMaster is notorious in the sense of its reputation, but in reality University of Toronto offers better programs. Waterloo I heard is really good dealing with biology, but it is outside my travel range. I’ve searched online for any type of listing for top Canadian Universities for Life Sciences, but couldn’t find anything. If anyone has any information or links that would help, it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks a lot in advance for your time and help.

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One thought on “What is the better choice for life sciences, McMaster, Queens, Or U of T and why?

  1. man or woman?

    If you can choose between McMaster (Hamilton), Queens (Ottawa) and U of T (Toronto) how is Waterloo out of your travel range? That doesn’t make sense. Waterloo is only an hour or so away from McMaster, while Queens is about 5 hours and U of T can take at least an hour and a half. All of the schools you mentioned are good, so choose by city! Yes, location is important too.

    Anyways, Toronto is very expensive to live in, so if money is an issue you probably don’t want U of T unless you don’t mind a long daily commute. Toronto is the biggest city in Canada, so there will be lots to do.

    McMaster is in Hamilton. Hamilton is a pretty dirty scuzzy town, but the university is great and I’m sure you could manage.

    Queens in Ottawa would be very nice, since that city is great. Of course, it does get a bit colder up there.

    Waterloo is a very nice area, kind of small, but much cleaner than Hamilton.

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