what is the best university out of this list ?

By | August 24, 2015

i know harvard is best in medicine and yale is best at law, but what about the other ones ? and why r they so hard to get into ? 30,000 ppl try and get in but only 1000 are accepted ! that’s crazy ! do you think they are partial ? cuz i bet alot of ppl who do put in applications would benifit and do great there.
sorry i also forgot to add brown.

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6 thoughts on “what is the best university out of this list ?

  1. eri

    For what? You can’t study law or medicine until after you’ve already got a college degree (in the US, anyway). You can’t just randomly pick a bunch of top schools and ask for any useful comparisons based on no criteria whatsoever.

  2. t

    I know MIT is good if you want to be an engineer, I have a friend that goes there. Its more on what you want to do. If you want a good med school johns Hopkins in Baltimore Maryland, and Pennsylvania University are good schools too.

  3. Alex

    Definitely Harvard is the best out of all those. Oxford comes right after. The reason why they are so hard to get into is because all these universities you mentioned are in the top ten best universities in the world. Since they are the best universities in the world they require the smartest and brightest students in the world.

  4. ExeneC

    You would get a great education and probably have a great time at any of these schools. The cliches and what I’ve heard over the years:

    Harvard–for not so smart people who work really hard. Cambridge is a great place to live.
    Yale–for smart people who don’t work hard. New Haven is a pit.
    MIT–probably the best for sciences and math
    Stanford-great writing program. Palo Alto is a boring suburb but SF is nearby.
    Princeton–excellent for English and writing. A bit smug. Pretty.
    Brown–full of the rich and famous, many of whose parents bribed their way in. Lots of drugs.

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