What is the best online part-time job a non-experienced child can do?

By | August 6, 2015

I’m very young and most jobs need a college degree, plus my father died and my mother is to busy to find a job fighting with my aunties not to take the house were living in. So what is the best one, and hopefully not a spam or scam. I really need one for my mother and school.

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7 thoughts on “What is the best online part-time job a non-experienced child can do?

  1. Vintage 181

    Try survey websites, for a list of safe ones go to Survey Police. Also your mom could register herself on A website called ChaCha, where you answer questions and get paid $5 an hour. You can answer all the questions.

  2. not 2 B fooled

    Sorry to hear about your troubles :{ There are NO legitimate online work at home ‘sites, no matter what you will see for answers…the happy days, the google, etc. are all scams – stay far, far away !!!!

  3. Diane A

    Do not do this. You will NOT make money, and wind up with essentially nothing or a loss. Do not send you email to anyone either–there are child stalkers on the internet doing this. Think about it–if there was so much “free” money for the taking on the internet–no one would be so desperate & there wouldn’t be so much unemployment etc. The old saying “nothing is for free…” is very true.

  4. Tboyhooper

    well firstly are you athletic, hardworking, or willing to put worth a little effort? If not… ignore the rest of this. BUT if you are… then i would recommend working around the neighborhood. I push mow, tractor mow and weed eat every weekend and i make 30 bucks each time. Yeah, it’ll take a little time but the money you’ll get will be worth it. PLUS, it’s better than working at McDonald’s i’ll tell you that, i mean come on, how much longer is that place gonna’ last??? it’s an unemployed fatty shack. Trust me, manual labor is for the best. Plus you’ll get muscles.

  5. Steve

    m o n e y f o r t e e n s . w e e b l y . c o m
    (take out the spaces)

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