What is the best online collage or University?

By | September 17, 2015

I know online schools do not have the best reputation but its still a degree, and I think you get out what you put in. For some people like me… a military spouse with a part/full time job. Online school is the most convenient. I plan to work in Criminal Justice and I also plan to do an internship in my field after I graduate. My question is What is the best online collage to go to? and what is the worst?

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6 thoughts on “What is the best online collage or University?

  1. courtdawg

    I’m not sure…..
    But it’s college, not “collage.”

  2. Raskolnikov

    Online schools are generally a no-no.

  3. monkey

    find a school that is a regular not for profit school. The online for profit schools are the ones with bad reputations these are University of Phoenix and such. Webster is a military affiliated college with online options that is ok. Schools that have an real campus are fine for online degrees.

  4. Vaiveahtoish

    Don’t know why people think online degrees are not as good as traditional ones. Don’t you worry it will serve you the same purpose as the traditional degree will give you. As you want to do degree in criminal justice I just know the perfect solution for you. Go to http://www.thedegreeexperts.com/dg-law-107.aspx and select the course you are interested and along with full details.
    Was nice helping you.

  5. Harmon Cooper

    I agree that online schools do not have good reputation, but the point is not all the schools are like that. There are some really good online schools accredited by reputed authorities and has been providing quality education. So remember, best ones are always the accredited ones.

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