What is the best IDE for self-taught Java Programming?

By | September 24, 2015

Free, or low-cost. I guess I’m looking for one with the best tutorials, or an affordable paid one with good support. I’ve started with eclipse, just yesterday. I’ve been doing command-line for 6 months, or so. I have no experience with other languages. I want something to help me get my foot in to formal schooling, or a chance at an internship. I hope to take the sjca in a yr. or so. I have an unrelated degree from yrs. ago.

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2 thoughts on “What is the best IDE for self-taught Java Programming?

  1. abc

    eclipse is the best because it allows debugging with breakpoints
    netbeans is good but slower than eclipse

  2. deonejuan

    NetBeans is the IDE Oracle uses in their online tutorials. Eclipse requires a classroom introduction as no one or nobody took the time to document the rapid changes that Eclipse undergoes. Eclipse is a memory hog and consume a huge amount of clock cycles. Eclipse will try to guess the code you need. So, all in all, NetBeans is the better choice for textbook java code.

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