What is the best college or university to take online college fully accredited college courses?

By | December 2, 2015

These courses are for my wife. We only have a daughter, she must stay at home a few months, making it your time and hope to take some courses online. We are in any college or university online courses, the best place would be to accept the future and hope to adopt. Thanks in advance. I’m sorry I enter this fast-reading evidence. . . Right a wrong

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5 thoughts on “What is the best college or university to take online college fully accredited college courses?

  1. itsme

    Penn State University offers full 4-year degrees online through their world campus. She could take all 4-years through them, and there is no difference between World Campus degree and a regular PSU degree.


    Good luck!

  2. fancyname

    Universtiy of Phoenix is accredited and would probably be the most productive. You take one course at a time so she could concentrate on that one subject before moving on to another.

  3. micaso1971

    Phoniex online would be a good choice. But why not start off at your local community college. Cost are less than a university and most offer online classes that are transferable to us’s and cal state schools.

  4. Professor X

    It was really wise of you to ask this question before you threw away your hard-earned money. You’ll need every cent now that you have a new little one! :)

    The ONLY online degrees that are valued in academia in the US are those offered through REGIONALLY accredited schools.

    U of Phoenix (and Capella, and AIU, and all those places that advertise all over the web) are not regionally accredited. They are “distance learning accredited,” or “nationally accredited,” which means nothing in academic circles. They are for-profit business that make their money from companies that pay for their employees to take courses. Because these companies pay for the courses, they are usually accepted within each company, but not elsewhere.

    Degrees from state-university administered distance education courses are much less expensive than those offered by those fly-by-night diploma mills, and the course credits are universally accepted, and *transferable* from university to university. (Diploma mill course credits are not.)

    I’ve placed some superb links below to help you.

    Bravo for asking the question, congrats on the new baby, and best wishes to you and your wife in your search for a quality education!

  5. 21Nights

    Nova Southeastern University is a pretty good college, they offer both traditional and online classes but it depends on what type of degree and major she is looking for, visit http://www.nova.edu.

    For other online schools, visit http://www.AllOnlineSchools.com and make sure whatever school your wife chooses it is a regionally accredited institution(that is what you need for higher education).

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