What is the average costs of going to school online for one year?

By | September 14, 2015

I have recently thought about leaving my campus life (university) to finish my last year online so that I can be closer to home. But I am not sure if online school will be anymore affordable than my private univeristy tuition I am stuck to now. So can anyone tell me what are the average costs of an online education and what are the pros and cons?

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One thought on “What is the average costs of going to school online for one year?

  1. Balthier's Girl

    I just left a private school. My first year living on campus cost $30,225 a year. My second year I lived off campus and the tuition was $15,113. Now I this semester at my online school it costs $63,000 for the full program which is 4 years. We go by terms instead of semesters and its $4200.00 each term.

    Online school is cheaper because you don’t have to worry about room and board and other fees. It depends on the school as well. Plus when doing online school you can get a full time job to help pay for other expenses, in a traditional university you wouldn’t have that benefit.

    If I were you I would finish my last year at the university because you do not know whats going to transfer and whats not. I can tell you now that the program that I’m doing that only maybe 2 classes would transfer over. Talk to your academic adviser.

    Online school:
    Pros- work at your own pace, 3-4 hours a week per class, very interactive, one on one, don’t worry about teacher’s pick on you when you don’t have a answer, for computer people (being able to sit the computer for hours), less structure
    Cons- Lots of responsibility, don’t really make friends(face to face) but at my school we have a facebook set-up to meet classmates,harder for people who don’t like computers

    My advice would be to research your online schools and watch out for bogus schools. Check accreditation! Hope this helped and good luck.

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