What is Mystery Google Seeker

By | August 30, 2015

What is Mystery Google? Well the short answer is that it’s a lot of fun and a great time waster. www.mysterygoogle.com A friend told you about Mystery Google, but what Is Google Mystery? How does Google Mystery works? Find out why Google Mystery is a load of fun and then some more. It’s basically a search engine from Google that gives you the wrong search result. Now you may think, if i wanted that, I’d use a Microsoft product. But Google does it in a fun way. When you search for anything on Mystery Google, you get the search results for who ever entered a search right before you. While novel and fun, that’s only the beginning. Many people use mystery google to leave “missions” for other people to complete. You may do a web search for online colleges only to get the result “email [email protected] that you love him.” Then if you’re bold enough, you accept the mission. I’ve accepted about a dozen missions in the past day. Most all of them leading to pleasant exchanges with total strangers. From text suggesting what they should do for an evening, to playing guessing games on geography. It’s a total blast, and like all things, just use some common sense.

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9 thoughts on “What is Mystery Google Seeker

  1. OverlordJake

    @bbgrl0909 I guess like anytime you put your phone number in a public place, you can’t know if someone good or not will come across it.

  2. bbgrl0909

    how do i know its safe when i give my phone number though!?!?

  3. TheRodenburgfilms

    Just type your mission into Mystery Google and hit the “search” button. Then the next person who does any search after you will get it. Not everyone does mission, so you may have to try it more than once. Hope it works out for you. :)

  4. TheRodenburgfilms

    lol, you prefer the Detroit Lions or Tigers one I usually have on?

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