what is a legit online college…?

By | October 25, 2015

that you can get ust your basic 4 year bachelors degree. one that is affordable, you actually get credits for the courses you take, and you can do in any state… (i’m in alabama if that even makes a difference) when i try to look it up i just get a bunch of spam…

p.s i would rather hear from people that have actually went through the school, or know someone who went through….. please and thanks!!

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7 thoughts on “what is a legit online college…?

  1. xx_0blivi0n_xx

    Columbia College…. I’m in the Army and taking online classes for Criminal Justice. Goto


    I’m also in Fort Stewart, GA and the campus is in Missouri

    Have fun!

  2. candy_girl18_in

    Try Troy University eCampus. I actually work here. I suggested that since you are in Alabama.

  3. Ray

    Forget about an online degree. I know of 4 people with University of Arizona online degrees that are not worth the phony degree they printed on their Canon printers.
    Go to a college with a campus. Get a real degree. Experience what college has to offer. Besides the academic, the social experience cannot be missed.
    Go for IT !!

  4. Southern Girl

    I would check out your local state universities to see if they offer degrees online, that would be your best bet.

  5. gsopitan

    I know one person that takes classes at University of Phoenix online. You can attend that school from anywhere as long as you have internet access.

    Also, I found this great resource online for people looking for online degree programs. You can search by the major you intend to go into and things like that.

    The link is: http://www.earnmydegree.com/

    Good luck

  6. Dorothy K

    I suggest Argosy University online courses. Argosy University is fully accredited and has an actual physical campus as well, but understand that a lot of working non-traditional students cannot attend classes on campus, so they offer online degrees.

    I wouldn’t do any online school that does not have an actual physical campus as well, because many of them are not accredited.

  7. dolceserendipity

    Most businesses do not look at online degrees as being legitimate. Look at a local college in your area and you can always take some online classes there, but in order to finish your degree you will probably have to actually go to about half of your classes. Sometimes it isn’t too bad, I find online classes you get more work. Plus you can always try weekend and evening classes if you are wanting to work full time.

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