What is a good online college to go to (california)?

By | November 28, 2015

Sooo yeah pretty much says it all. I’m going to be moving to Los Angeles after high school and will be living there for a year to get used to the environment and save up money before attending school. Also if I live there, I will qualify for in state tuition after my year is up. anyway I was wondering if there are any good online universities that I could enroll in to start earning a few credits while I’m working full time? I want to at least progress somewhat towards a degree. What are the best, cheapest(NOT CHEAP. value for the money) and most reputable online schools? I don’t know if it matter but I’ll be in California obviously. Thanxx!

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3 thoughts on “What is a good online college to go to (california)?

  1. TR

    Just about every college offers online courses now. For best value for the dollar, look to public colleges in your current state. You’ll qualify for their in-state tuition while you’re waiting for CA residency to be established, and the course work should be fully accredited; if you take routine general education courses you should have no trouble getting them accepted for transfer when you start at UCLA or wherever.

  2. Hannican

    TR has it right – pretty much everybody has online programs now, but the thing is that they all offer them in different subjects. Whatever you’re looking to study, you need to spend some time on Google searching “program name online degree program”, then reviewing the schools to make sure they’re accredited, searching “school name reviews” to make sure that other students who went there had a good experience, and checking out LinkedIn bios for recent graduates from the program you want to attend to see if they’ve actually landed jobs.

    You’ve got Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc, etc, etc, right? Vet the schools by asking REAL STUDENTS who attended them what the experience was like, and whether or not it was worth it. Do not trust the hype, marketing and obvious manipulation that colleges and universities are pitching on a daily basis. This is a huge business for them, and some of these schools are willing to do anything to get you to enroll!

    Check out Brandman University (not cheap, but definitely respected) if you want a school with 100% online programs, but also the option of attending in-person classes, or if you don’t care at all about in-person, I’d suggest Colorado State University-Global Campus (who is way more affordable, but doesn’t have as many programs available).

    You’ve got quite a few options, but you’ll have to be careful not to get sucked up by the marketing machine. Good luck!

  3. Alisa

    First, you will certainly need to determine what you’re interested in studying. This will help give you direction when researching schools because you’ll know which programs to be looking at. Regional accreditation is also going to be vital when selecting a reputable online University.

    I am working on my Master’s in Management through American Military University and I also work for them. I’m really enjoying my classes because I’m able to work on them throughout the week when it best fits my schedule. I also never have to worry about commuting to a physical campus, which is a huge time saver in my book! The cost to take classes through them is very affordable and the University is regionally accredited. Don’t just take my word for it, my fellow peers are active followers on Facebook and would be more than happy to answer any questions you may have.

    All the best in your search!


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