What is a Bachelor DEGREE?

By | September 18, 2011

i want to become a teacher and i called the school board they said that would be the first step so i need to know what is involved in getting a bachlor’s degree to teach grades k-5 in virginia, how many hours , how long does it take , can i do it online thanks :)

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  1. Joe U

    graduate high school (grade 12)
    enter college
    pick a major
    pick a minor
    take the teaching curriculum for your target students
    graduate college
    test for your teaching certificate
    find a school that will hire you
    teach grades k-5 and lose your mind.


    A bachelor’s degree is a 4 year post High school degree. For teaching one go for a liberal arts degree.

    Associate degree is 2 years
    Bachelors degree is 4 years
    Masters degree is 6 years
    Doctorate degree is 8 years.

  3. brown.amy1234

    A Bachelor’s degree to become a teacher typically takes 4 years if you go full-time. IF you’ve already earned some college credits at the lower-division (community college) level, then you could possibly finish earlier.

    There are some programs that are “on-line” (not sure about in VA), but remember that any teaching degree is going to also include lots of hours spent as a student teacher. So, even if some courses are “on-line”, there will probably be some face-to-face time as well.

    It’s a very challenging, yet rewarding career! Good luck!

  4. CurlyGirl21

    A bachelor’s degree is a degree you get from attending a typical 4-year college. You would enroll at a college that has an education program, and take the Elementary Education courses, along with a semester of student teaching at the end.

    However, if you already attended a community college or take an adult education program, it might take you less time.

    You might be able to take some courses online but since a big part of an education degree includes “clinicals” or “observation hours” as well as student teaching, there are some things you would not be able to do online.

    Also, each state has different certification requirements, so you’d have to check out Virginia’s Department of Education.


    I live in Illinois, and I know that in addition to a Bachelor’s Degree and clinical hours, you also have to pass several certification tests. We have a Basic Skills Test, a Content Area test, and what’s called the APT test.

    Good luck!

  5. techteach03

    1st you need a BACHELOR’S DEGREE, which is what you obtain when you graduate from a 4 yr. institute of higher learning…you would need to complete an undergraduate elementary education program and student teaching…in most states it is 32 academic credits and 1 semester of student teaching…you can not do it online due to the student teaching aspect…

  6. Brent A

    It is actually a “Baccalaureate” degree (Pronounced BACK-A-LORE-EE-ET) and is generally a combonation of 4 years general studies, 2 years specialized studies and 1-2 years professional graduate study in an area.

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