What does she want from me?

By | August 23, 2015

My best friend recently told me that she cuts herself.
…that’s hard enough to deal with on it’s own.
I get that it’s because she’s angry, and never learned of a healthier coping mechanism…
I can’t say I understand, but at least I’m not freaked out by it or anything. I know a lot of people are.
But we’ve been getting into a lot of fights lately, over stupid things. I don’t think they’re avoidable, and if she gets too angry and cuts, I’m going to feel like it’s my fault.
Also, I really don’t think our personalities mix well, because I get angry a lot too. So although I love her more than anything in the world, I really believe she’d be better off if I weren’t around. I’d be devastated, of course, but I honestly think I cause her more stress than she needs.
On the other hand, if I distance myself too much, she’ll feel abandoned, and get angry, and…
I’m just not sure what I’m supposed to do.
We’ve tried working out why we get into so many fights, and we’ve tried to prevent them, but they just happen.
So do I stay and make her angry, or leave and make her angry?

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9 thoughts on “What does she want from me?

  1. Precious

    Do what’s good for you. Don’t compromise yourself for anyone. That’s a lot of weight that isn’t your responsibility. Sometimes we just have to let our friends go without being able to fix anything.

  2. Meggie

    Tell her to pray to God, he’ll help her. Pray for her, go to mass on Christmas. Tell your parents.

  3. Ian J

    try not to get into fights. if u get into a fight cuz she thinks she is right about something than just agree with her. and try not to get into anymor fights. atleast over lil thingz

  4. cute and smart??

    Maybe you should get her to see a councilor. But try not to leave her. best friends don’t grow on trees. and don’t in anyway feel like its your fault, she has an issue. its got nothing to do with you.

  5. ?

    If you leave her, she’ll probably be more depressed and cut herself more. You need to work with her, and see why she’s feeling so teribble. Maybe she just wnats you to ask ‘What’s wrong’ Instead of fighting constantly and putting more pressure on her? Or maybe you can distance yourself from her from a while–maybe you two just need a short break so she can sort things out.

  6. Curious Em

    Do not abandon her. She has just confided in you. I had a friend in junior high who told me that she cut. She would elude to it as well before she came out and told me. It was a cry for help. She had a lot of stress and sadness in her life. I went into the counselor’s office anonymously and informed them of the situation. It was either that or tell her parents (and they were half the reason she cut to begin with). Be there for her at least through this trying time for her, and get her help. She is pleading for it by telling you.

  7. patron on ice II

    there is sooo much wrong with this situation
    not “a lot of people” cut…. that is for, for a lack of a better term, mentally disturbed people. yes depression counts.
    seriously if her parents know shes a cutter and dont get her help that is effed up
    you should tell her parents.
    then she will be mad for that but you can be like i did it to be a good friend

  8. Tam

    I think you should stay … but on the other hand also go and find some special help… i can’t really help you do that .. only someone who knows you and your surroundings. It can always be anonymous if you’d like that.
    I think the fights between you and your friends are because of the fact you know of what she’s doing to herself.
    She feels some kind of pain inside what drives her crazy, and by not knowing how get rid of it, she goes to the Extreme… she tries to hurt herself with hope that the unknown pain will disappear…

    I hope someone could comment you for some good internet sites that will give you some more information on how to help and handle the problem.
    I wish you and your friend good luck
    and i hope she could find the rhelp for her…

    it’s a good start to ask a question.. now let’s hope the right answer will come along

  9. bluebutterfly

    this goes deeper than your fights with her so don’t feel responsible at all. she has been cutting herself before you even knew about it so all i can say is that you need to get her some help. she probably wont want you to tell anyone about her but its one of those things that you have to do even if it means she will get angry at you for a long time. you not helping her by keeping it a secret because what happens when she gets too angry and decides to cut herself deeper. please you have to get her some help

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