What do you think of online degree programs?

By | August 24, 2015

I checked my master’s degree in business administration, and only one in my British Airways business school I went to American and American Forbes 50business the best school to the University at Buffalo and the team is to go back to thinking. How I should do, rather than online degree? If you have a MBA degree, you do it? Where are you? And promotion opportunities to get more help? I have a bachelor’s degree in business focused on management information systems and application support analysts now as an IT / Help Desk work.

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5 thoughts on “What do you think of online degree programs?

  1. ghost

    You can order a Bachelor of Science or Arts on line I’m sure. But going to a college with a good name is my thing.

  2. gatorade

    Online degrees are for people with disability and old people.

  3. Mary

    I say it depends on your learning style. In order to do it online, you must be well disciplined in setting your priorities, sitting down to study, doing homework/projects.

    For me, an online degree wouldn’t work. I’m a huge procrastinator, have 3 kids in school which means parent guided homework and it just plain doesn’t keep my interest. I like the classroom setting.

    I do have an instructor who’s using Univ of Phoenix for his Masters.

  4. parth

    its better u continue your degree from university instead online………..

  5. CoachT

    Some programs are absolutely outstanding. Others are the bottom of the pile. There are places like Duke U. doing their MBA online and that MBA has much more value than one from say, Eastern Yourstate State College in the classroom.

    The thing is, online at a quality school is really hard. There’s a lot of writing to do and you don’t get the 1:1 time with the instructor. You have to be a top-notch manager of time to do well in these programs.

    The best advice, attend the best school you can get into (online or classroom) and do the best quality work you are able while there.

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