What do you think about WICHITA STATE UNIVERSITY?

By | October 9, 2015

Do you think that if I graduated in mechanical engineering I will have a chance of being accepted at good universities like MIT, Stanford, etc for the Masters??

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One thought on “What do you think about WICHITA STATE UNIVERSITY?

  1. longstreet

    WSU won’t do much on it’s own to affect your chances. Ivies (please note that for the purposes of this answer that ivies will also be used to refer to comparable schools like stanford and mit) won’t shrug you off because you went to WSU but its not like they’ll see you app and be like “wow, this kid went to wichita state; we need to accept him for sure”. If you take hard classes, get stellar grades, do well on whatever standardized test is required for engineering, and can prove you were an active student and leader, then you should be competitive for ivies; however, if you slack off then your screwed. Ivies can pick and choose applicants and they tend to favor kids who went to either their own school for undergrad or went to other top notch schools. They still accept kids from state schools, but these kids are generally thought of as starting a few yards back in the race behind the harvard educated kids. Just work hard and you should be able to go most anywhere though. Best of luck to you

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