what do employers think of online degrees?

By | August 5, 2015

For exaple, if someone were to walk in for a job interview with their fancy new MBA from Uni of phoenix what do they think about them? i’ve read conflicting reports on the subject. Some say that many employers dont care about the school. Some say employers do care about the school and would probably laugh at you if you come in with a MBA from uni of phoenix, especially at top level jobs where your probably up against grads from princeton or harvard

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2 thoughts on “what do employers think of online degrees?

  1. Harmon Cooper

    If the degree you earned is from a college which is accredited to authorities recognized by US Department of Education then you won’t face any problem during the employment process. Because accreditation status of the college ensures that it meets the standards and guidelines issued by the accredited body and hence provide quality education. Degree earned from such college is very well respected by the employers.

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