What do employers think of online collages versus brick and mortar colleges?

By | September 23, 2015

I was 19. I have a car without a permit. I really want to start an online university. I Web Design Certificate Course (Yishibadian ? ? ? dollars) arts institutions and my recent search for Baker college online tuition on the Internet who occasionally dropped by half. In the few years, I finally have a bricks and mortar colleges want. I just want to start some time. As far as I know, a good choice for the company I never thought about UOP. I know that most online colleges, employers should consider hiring. In addition, if someone know which are legitimate for it. Thank you to answer anything.

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3 thoughts on “What do employers think of online collages versus brick and mortar colleges?

  1. scrabblemaven

    Brick and mortars have a longer history and better reputation just based on being a physical prescense. There are plenty of diploma mills out there, hence hesitation for acceptance of just any online college. I would ask your potential employers what universities or certifications they recommend so you know what is worth looking into.

  2. Adam B

    Everyone is pretty suspicious of online colleges. If you do decide to use one, make sure that you’re getting a diploma from an institution that has national accreditation. I can’t discount online colleges out-of-hand; one of my law school classmates went to UoP, and he still got in.

  3. kmf77

    I have been going to the Axia College ( of U of P). I do not see why it is so bad. It is very hard work, and that school is accredited. It just so happens to be online. Society is just starting to accept online degree. You have to remember, we haven’t even had the internet that long. I going to bet that in a few years, it will be more popular. I certainly would not try to find the cheapest college to go to. You are talking about your education. There is financial aid that you can get. These loans are deffered, until after you have graduated.

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