What degree would be best for a stock broker? Associates, Bachelors or Masters?

By | November 24, 2015

I think I want to get a degree in Finance, to become a stock broker so i can get hired. Which would be best Associates, Bachelors or Masters in finance. But what concerns me is their wont be many people buying stocks from a brokerage because now everyone does online brokerage, because less commission.

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6 thoughts on “What degree would be best for a stock broker? Associates, Bachelors or Masters?

  1. La

    There are other jobs in finance besides the glorious and revered job of a stock broker. Bachelor’s is the safest bet.

  2. muncie birder

    Well, you certainly do not need a Masters degree. That would be overkill. And you are certainly correct that the smart ones are buying on line. But there still are plenty of sheep out there to be shorn. I am not so sure that a finance degree is going to be all that beneficial. Your job will be to sell.

  3. Notyme4BS

    First of all…your degree has little relevance to getting hired as a financial advisor. The traditional stock broker has gone the way of the dinosaur, so you won’t be competing with online brokerages, because people who do online brokerages are either VERY VERY SMART…or EXTREMELY STUPID!!! And most of the time it’s the latter. The major concern is can you sell?!?!?! You are definitely going to need a substantial sales background, most likely experience in outbound telemarketing, and outside & inside sales.

    I wouldn’t waste my time with an AA degree (and I have one). I eventually stopped telling people I have one because most of the people you will interview with have degrees from traditional 4 year universities. The Bachelors will help, and the MBA will help, but a Masters in Finance will make you too educated for the job. Being a financial advisor isn’t about picking stocks. It’s about advising people on the right financial decisions and choosing the proper vehicle for this. In either case you don’t need a degree…however, it helps. We have a manager in my firm that started at the age of 18 and now in his 30′s has been relatively successful.

  4. itsjunglepat

    Guessing that it’s more a matter of who you know than the degrees you have.
    Without that, most people probably don’t respect someone without a bachelor’s though the smaller aggressive and flash type companies would probably respect just an aggressive attitude with a good sales background. Without a degree, there’s also possibilities of getting the foot in the door in a lesser position, rubbing elbows, and working one’s way up.
    Higher degrees would probably impress some people to get through the door, but a good track record would likely weigh stronger… and records can be made and broken pretty easily.

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