What degree to major in?

By | August 19, 2015

I was accepted into Drexel University’s online program and am on the fence about it. I was going for a Nursing degree but changed my mind since I am a CNA a do not like the job very much. I know I can get a good paying job without all of the stresses of nursing, but I am unsure which path to take.
I was accepted into two programs: BS in health care administration and BA in general studies.
I was also accepted into Gwynedd Mercy’s CIS program!
I am ALL OVER the place and am unsure which one to take up. I do not want to waste my money on a useless degree.
Any help will be appreciated.

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3 thoughts on “What degree to major in?

  1. X Amy X

    well i don’t know where your interests most lie/what you prefer best so i would just advise you to sit down make a list for each programs on the pros and cons for each and the one with most pros and least cons you should pick i know it might sound silly but it works :)
    good luck

  2. Joshua Jamaar

    Go with something that you’ve always had an interest in during your childhood; this will definiately help you choose on what you’re really passionate about.

  3. Gary

    You’re obviously interested in health-care, but don’t want a Nurses duties. Why not do something that will always be needed. MRI, Ultrasound, and X-ray. My niece went into that field, she has never had to look for work. She was hired while learning and they even kicked in to help pay for her education. She just had her first baby, and didn’t want to work as much. She got hired at a new hospital facility working only two 12 hour days on weekends, receives full benefits and is making more than her husband does working his 40 hour job. So she can spend all week with her baby and her husband takes care of him on the weekends. No child care costs, and they love being able to spend all that time with their son.

    When you decide, think not only about your income and life now. Take into consideration the future you dream about. My niece always wanted a husband, children, and a job with flexible hours and benefits so she could enjoy them. She is very happy with her decision.

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