What colleges and universities offer online courses to fulfill vet school prerequisites?

By | November 1, 2015

I work full-time with inflexible hours and want to complete some vet school prerequisites online. What colleges and universities offer online pre-vet courses, preferably inexpensively? I’m looking at NC State’s prerequisites, specifically the math/sciences as I already covered humanities with a BA in English: http://www.cvm.ncsu.edu/studentservices/admissions.html. Thank you!

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3 thoughts on “What colleges and universities offer online courses to fulfill vet school prerequisites?

  1. Pork Sword

    You probably can’t or shouldn’t do it. You should take classes in a real classroom. They may not accept online classes. Veterinary school is very hard to get into.

  2. DaniBaje

    Lots of those science prereqs have lab components. They cannot be completed online.

  3. jjaj823

    As another poster stated, you really should try and complete the coursework in-person. Try contacting your local community colleges. Many of them offer the required vet school pre-reqs at night or on weekends. I went this route while on active duty. They were also very flexible with my schedule. I had a rotating schedule, so I worked every other Monday, but the class was Monday and Wednesday. The professor allowed me to sit in with another class on Tuesday’s when I couldn’t attend the Monday session and I was able to complete the course.

    One final option would be to look into independent study courses. Mountain State University (http://www.mountainstate.edu) has a very diverse independent studies offering including almost all pre-vet course work. You have 4 months to complete each course on your own time and your schedule. You have access to experienced faculty by phone and e-mail in case you have questions and get into trouble. Courses done by independent study have the same content as their on-campus cousins, you just don’t show up to class on a regularly set schedule. Almost all of the science courses include labs that you do at home as well.

    What one of the other posters stated was correct: it is extremely difficult to get accepted into vet school. There are only 28 schools in the US and a few more in the UK/Europe. HOWEVER…don’t let that discourage you. The application process has many components to it, and grades and test scores are only one part. You may not be as strong academically than other candidates, but you might exceed them in every other category and could still stand a strong chance of being admitted anyway.

    Finally, if NC State is where you want to go, take a day and go visit and talk to the faculty and students. Ask the question about online and independent study credits. The staff should let you know what’s accepted and what isn’t.

    Good Luck!

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