what college is best as far as online language classes go?

By | November 30, 2015

im looking for an online college since i cant drive due to medical issues that put me at risk on driving and on the comm bus and i am also wanting to take at least one language class if not more but do so online what college or colleges is best in this particular area?

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4 thoughts on “what college is best as far as online language classes go?

  1. Brayton

    The best way to find and compare all colleges, including online colleges, is at FindTheBest.com The Colleges App, which can be found here (http://colleges.findthebest.com) allows you to sort and filter through thousands of colleges. If you’re looking specifically for online colleges, the “Online/Distance Learning” filter on the left will limit your search to only online colleges or colleges that have distance learning programs.

    Grace Nasri

  2. John Doherty

    You should look into Rosetta Stone. Do you need the college credit, or do you simply want to learn a foreign language or two? If you need the college credit, try Kaplan or Strayer. Otherwise, use Rosetta Stone.

  3. Brad

    As I know, this site has top listing of such college courses online – edu.2kool4u.net

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