What are the safest career paths…in terms of future job security?

By | October 16, 2015

Now careers like physicians and lawyers are as close to guaranteed as they come. But of course, they cost a lot of time, and tuition. Not to mention just because one wants to become one doesn’t mean one is able to. I am looking for careers the average person can realistically get. You know, a career that will require 4-6 years of post-high school education: a bachelor’s or master’s degree.

Now what careers are the safest career wise going into the future? What careers will have plenty of need for new employees, and what careers have the lowest chance of being outsourced or automated?

I was looking at medical technology(4 year degree), but it seems like it has a very good chance of being automated with the developing technology. Pharmacy(6 year degree) isn’t bad, but that’s a very competitive field. Accounting(4-5 year degree) looks alright, but I was looking online in my area, and didn’t see too many job opportunities.

So for the average person, what is the safest realistic career choice? Making 100k+ isn’t needed. I will gladly take a 40k-60k/yr salary if I am all but guaranteed to have that job throughout my life.

As for my interests and following it in my future job(as some like to suggest), my interest is being able to support myself throughout life. I will consider basically any type of career.

So give me some ideas!
I was just giving a low estimate with the salary. My point was I do not need to make hundreds of thousands dollars per year. I would be happy with a 60k+ salary.

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4 thoughts on “What are the safest career paths…in terms of future job security?

  1. Indalecio Celesta

    Shooting people with guns has been a time-honored and very lucrative tradition in most places in the world for generations. You can count on this not changing within our lifetimes.

  2. Kevin

    Short Answer – Nursing – You can get that in 2-3 years of post high school education. It also offers a good advancement track, you can go from an RN to a more specialized Nurse Practitioner. NP’s can earn into the 80k’s easily.

    Seems like you are shooting low. I made 50k a year my first year after college (Programmer/IT Analyst) and that was completely average for my graduating class.

    Also forget job security. Find something you WANT to do. I guarantee this is far more important than security. If you aren’t interested in it, you will be bored and hate it.

    Never stop learning and create your own job security by being a well rounded person. If your current job gets eliminated due to some new machine it won’t matter if you have the right skills. You’ll move into something new.

    Good Luck

  3. Shirley

    Right now with the push toward a cleaner environment, you may want to check into that field. There are not businesses out there that have the employees to fill positions. Being on the front end of the greener technology, you would have a better opportunity of selecting what jobs you like.

  4. C

    Nursing definitely. You can’t automate it and you can specialize if you want.

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